Movie Village opened in 1984 at 97 Osborne Street renting VHS and Beta tapes.  Business was good.  By 1988, a larger store was necessary.  Movie Village picked up and moved into larger building at our most familiar 57 Osborne location.  Beta machines gave way to VHS in 1988.  Movie Village carried only VHS until DVD’s started to gain popularity in 1999.  Soon, all VHS tapes were sold and Movie Village built a gigantic DVD collection.  Blu-Ray discs were added to the collection starting in 2006.

Movie Village remained at the 57 Osborne location until June 20, 2012.  On that day, the store was closed for 4 hours to move all the movie stock from 57 Osborne Street to 97 Osborne.  We had combined forces with Music Trader.  More convenient than ever for customers, Movie Village Music Trader provides a selection of thousands  of DVD’s and Blu- Rays for rent or sale, as well as thousands of CD’s and Vinyl for sale, under one roof.

Here are some photos of the old store at 57 Osborne Street.  Many customers have fond memories of that location, as do the many people who worked there over the years.

cropped-mvheader11.jpgOld Store insideOld Store
old store 3Old Store 2 Old Store torn down
MV UpstairsMV popcornMV chips