Hey There! Thanks for joining us here! But all the action is currently on our facebook page! So please join us there and be part of the party! And we hope to see you soon at Movie Village! Please click the link below and come visit us! When you “like” our page you will receive all of our updates!


Movie Village has been open since 1983 and we are proud to continue to operate, here is a great short video…

Why not check out Winnipeg films at Movie Village?
We have many films in our “Made in Manitoba” section!

Including work by Guy Maddin, Noam Gonick, Greg Hanec, Sean Garrity, Deco Dawson and many others!

As a new release we have Astron-6’s “Father’s Day”, but you can also rent their 2008 collection of shorts entitled quite simply…”Astron-6″!

You can rent an historical collection of films from the Winnipeg Film Group entitled, “Isolation in the 1980’s”!

In fact we have many, many films from local filmmakers for your entertainment pleasure!

So visit Movie Village and take pride in all the talent we have in Winnipeg!


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